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Journal Articles

Bonner, S. and Seglem, R. (2016). "It just gives you another look on things”: Using adolescent literature to construct inquiry and deconstruct social

stereotyping," Middle Grades Review: Vol. 1 : Issue. 3 , Article 5. Available at:


Seglem, R. and Bonner, S. (2016). Disrupting complacency: Helping students find their voices through inquiry, literature, and technology. Middle School Journal, 47:5, 21-29, DOI: 10.1080/00940771.2016.1226642


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Bonner, S. (2022). Taking skills to the next level: Infusing language arts with community action. Voices from the Middle (in press). 

Book Chapters

Bonner, S., Seglem, R., & Garcia, A (2018). Creating wobble in a world of spin: Positioning students to challenge media poses. In Critical Media Literacy and Fake News in Post-Truth America. 

Bonner, S. (2019). “The classroom that inquiry built: Using inquiry and genius hour to support writer agency and strengthen student voice.” NCTE Principles in Practice. 

Gierhart, A., Bonner, S., Smith, A., & Seglem, R. (2019). “Fostering cosmopolitan dispositions through collaborative classroom activities: Ethical digital engagement of K-12 learners" Ethical dimensions of teaching digital literacy.


Seglem, R. & Bonner, S. (2022). Igniting social action in the ELA classroom: Inquiry as disruption. New York: Teachers College Press.

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